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50 Plus Workouts

Engaging in 50-plus fitness activities is an excellent way for seniors to maintain physical health, socialize, and improve overall well-being. These workouts are specifically designed considering the bodily changes and needs of individuals over 50. Our fitness for seniors are beneficial in preserving muscle strength, boosting balance, and promoting cardiovascular health. Fitness classes for seniors often offer a range of exercises, including strength training, yoga, Tai chi and even dance-based workouts.

These 50-plus senior exercises are tailored to be low-impact yet effective, ensuring safety while still delivering health benefits. Moreover, these group fitness classes for seniors provide an opportunity for seniors to interact and connect with their peers, fostering a sense of community. Whether it’s in a gym, community center, or even online, 50-plus fitness programs are an essential resource for maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle in later life.

Certified Fitness Instructors For the Elderly

Impulse Fitness and Wellness has a team of dedicated fitness instructors who specialize in training seniors. They are adept at understanding the unique needs and limitations of individuals over 50, offering customized workout plans that maximize benefits while minimizing risks. Our certified personal trainers bring a wealth of experience, compassion, and energy to each session, creating an environment that is welcoming, supportive, and fun.

Whether leading a gentle yoga class or a dynamic strength training session, our fitness instructors ensure that every participant feels comfortable and engaged. Beyond physical training, they also offer invaluable guidance on nutrition and well-being, helping seniors lead a holistic, healthier lifestyle. Our instructors at Impulse Fitness and Wellness embody the organization’s mission of providing comprehensive, accessible fitness solutions to seniors, promoting longevity, and enhancing quality of life.

Health Risks of Inactivity

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a common health issue after age 50. As we age, the arteries can stiffen and narrow due to atherosclerosis, leading to higher blood pressure. This can also be exacerbated by weight gain, a common occurrence in later life, and a sedentary lifestyle.

Heart Disease

Heart disease poses a significant threat in later life, with risk factors increasing remarkably after age 50. This heightened risk can be attributed to lifestyle factors and genetic predisposition. Conditions like hypertension and atherosclerosis, along with a sedentary lifestyle, contribute to the development of heart diseases. Regular physical activity can help mitigate this risk.


Obesity is another health risk that increases with age, particularly past the age of 50. Weight gain can be facilitated by a decrease in metabolic rate and a sedentary lifestyle. This excess weight can contribute to the development of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, and exacerbate conditions like high blood pressure and heart disease.

Premature Death

Premature death is a significant concern for individuals over the age of 50. A sedentary lifestyle combined with chronic conditions like heart disease, obesity, and high blood pressure can lead to early death. Regular physical activity and a balanced diet can help in mitigating these risks.


Diabetes is a common ailment affecting individuals over 50. Age-related metabolic slow-down combined with inactivity can lead to Type 2 diabetes. It’s characterized by insulin resistance, where the body doesn’t effectively use insulin, leading to high blood sugar levels. Regular exercise and a balanced diet can help manage this condition.


Depression in individuals over 50 is common, often due to significant life changes or medical conditions associated with aging. It’s characterized by persistent sadness, fatigue, or loss of interest in activities. Exercise, social interaction, and cognitive therapies are effective methods of managing this condition.


Stroke is a significant health risk for individuals over 50, often resulting from high blood pressure and heart disease. It occurs when blood flow to the brain is interrupted, leading to potential brain damage. Regular physical activity, a healthy diet, and management of other chronic conditions can help reduce this risk.

Back Pain

Back pain is prevalent among individuals over 50, often resulting from degenerative changes in the spine due to aging, poor posture, or prolonged sedentary behavior. It can significantly impact mobility and quality of life. Regular low-impact exercise, such as swimming or yoga, can help alleviate symptoms and strengthen back muscles.

Increased Change Of Dementia

Dementia is a concerning issue for those over 50, often linked to Alzheimer’s disease. This condition involves a progressive cognitive decline, affecting memory, thinking skills, and the ability to perform everyday tasks. Regular mental stimulation, social engagement, and a healthy lifestyle can aid in managing symptoms.


Osteoporosis often affects individuals over 50 and is characterized by decreased bone density, leading to brittle, fragile bones prone to fractures. Regular weight-bearing exercises, adequate calcium and vitamin D intake, and lifestyle modifications, such as quitting smoking, significantly contribute to managing and preventing osteoporosis.

Poor Posture

Poor posture is a common concern for those over 50, primarily due to prolonged sedentary habits and weak core muscles. It can lead to chronic pain, reduced flexibility, and balance issues, impacting one’s quality of life. Regularly practising the best workouts for posture correction and yoga can help rectify and manage these issues.

Joint Pain

Joint pain is a prevalent issue in individuals over 50, often a result of age-related wear and tear or conditions like arthritis. This discomfort can adversely affect mobility and daily activities. Regular light exercise, healthy weight, and appropriate medical treatment can help manage and alleviate joint pain.

Increased Chance of Injury

The risk of injury increases after the age of 50, primarily due to physical changes such as decreased bone density, muscle mass, and joint flexibility. Falls, fractures, and strains become more common, making regular exercise, balance training, and preventive measures crucial to maintaining health and mobility.

Fitness For Seniors Classes

No matter what your training past entails, as you reach the age of 50 and beyond, prioritizing your cardiovascular health becomes even more crucial. Engaging in regular aerobic fitness activities not only promotes the relaxation of blood vessels over time but also ensures optimal heart function and maintains healthy blood pressure levels. That is why our fitness instructors have specially tailored programs for senior citizens. No matter what other exercises you incorporate into your routine, consistently including cardio sessions a few times a week is vital for overall well-being.

Weight Training For Muscle Strength

In addition to cardiovascular exercises, maintaining muscle strength is equally important. Incorporating weightlifting and strength training into your regimen with the help of our fitness instructors helps to keep your muscles strong and resilient. However, it is essential to note that as you age, adjusting the recovery time between workouts becomes necessary. Allow yourself more time to recover compared to what you might have been accustomed to during your younger years. This adjustment ensures proper muscle repair and prevents overexertion.

By prioritizing both cardiovascular health and muscle strength, you can maintain a well-rounded fitness routine that supports your overall physical well-being as you age. Our fitness instructor for seniors in Coquitlam can guide you in restoring your body so you will feel very young.

Fitness Classes For Seniors
Fitness Instructors For Seniors


Apart from the numerous physical benefits, 50-plus fitness programs also offer a variety of mental health benefits. Exercise has been proven to reduce stress, improve mood and cognitive function, and even slow the progression of age-related cognitive decline. By participating in these fitness classes, seniors can enhance their overall well-being and maintain a positive outlook.

  • Improved posture
  • Increased energy
  • Improved muscle tone, balance, and coordination
  • Decreased chance in disease and health issues
  • Look and feel better
  • Improved mood
  • Reduced stress
  • Continued independent living
  • Added years to your life
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Stronger bones
Benefits Of Fitness For Seniors

Moreover, exercising with peers can provide social support and encourage seniors to stay active consistently. Many older adults find it challenging to exercise alone due to various barriers such as lack of motivation or fear of injury. However, by joining a fitness class for seniors, we can access guidance from certified personal trainers for seniors and a supportive community that shares common goals. This not only makes the workout experience more enjoyable but also increases adherence to a regular exercise routine.

Join Our Fitness Classes For Seniors

In conclusion, staying active and maintaining physical fitness goals is crucial for seniors’ health and well-being. As we age, our bodies undergo various changes, but that should not hinder us from living an active lifestyle. By participating in fitness programs designed for seniors, you can reap numerous benefits that will enhance your overall quality of life. So why wait? Start incorporating regular exercise into your daily routine and experience the positive impact it has on your mind, body, and spirit. Remember, it’s never too late to start taking care of yourself! So don’t hesitate any longer; take the first step towards a healthier and happier life today!


Excellent5.0 Based on 42 reviews from review us onjason wujason wu ★★★★★ I hired John to help me with my poor posture and agonizing shoulder pain because it made every day tasks such a challenge for me. But, with his expert guidance and personalized approach, I not only found relief from the pain, but also learned how to move better than before.Not only do I have better posture, John has taught me how to engage my core properly, something I would hear but never knew how, as well as improve my overall hip mobility.Thank you John for not teaching me just exercises, thank you for empowering me to take control of my health and well-being.If you're struggling with pain, mobility, or simply want to move and feel better, come to Impulse because John and his team will help you and support you. Everyone you meet and pass by at the gym is so nice too; the community is amazing, thank you.Marc-André ChoquetteMarc-André Choquette ★★★★★ They were close by, so I decided to give it a shot after using my new parenthood as an excuse for too long. I signed up for a couple dozen individual sessions with John, and I think it was one of the best decisions. He catered to my personal goals and helped me get back in workout shape. I also joined the group classes and I love the chill atmosphere with good motivation. Highly recommend you give it a shot!Rachel DuenasRachel Duenas ★★★★★ The group class at Impulse is unlike any other group class I have experienced. I have experienced boot camp, boxing, HIIT, yoga, and CrossFit, and John & Rae's group class is the most systematic yet fun group class I have been to! They write their programs themselves and they customize their group programs to each individual that is in the class. I like how they structure their group class by offering specific body part training & styles of training each day. The community is also super supportive and fun to be around. If you're looking for a gym, come to Impulse, you won't regret it. This gym offers expert coaching and a supportive community. Come be a part of something great 🙂Mark AllanMark Allan ★★★★★ I had 2 rotator cuff surgeries about 40 years ago that weren't successful. My movements were severely restricted and painful.I could no longer play golf or weight train.A chance meeting with John and he said he could improve my mobility with deep tissue massage.Fast forward and my mobility has improved immensely.No replacement surgery necessary. I have also dropped about 13lbs.. Thanks John.Nikita BaggNikita Bagg ★★★★★ I came across Impulse when I was looking for a gym to help my dad with getting active again and reducing some pain. John and his extensive knowledge were a perfect fit! I can not thank John enough for getting my dad moving again and not only that, but also highlighting and helping me with some of my own mobility issues. Highly recommend this gym and John!Adore CalasinAdore Calasin ★★★★★ Thank you John and Rae for helping my husband and I achieve better health. They taught my husband and I valuable exercises that we can also practice at home to help with our overall health. If you want results, look no further.ROLANDO CALASINROLANDO CALASIN ★★★★★ My daughter was researching gyms so I can get help for my posture, injuries, and lose some weight. She came across Impulse and we met with John, the owner. John was able to help me achieve better posture and he helped me with my back pain, my shoulder pain as well as my knee pain and I was able to lose 15 lbs in the process. I highly recommend this gym.KiraKira ★★★★★ Cleanest gym i have been to (i have been to many), people and coaches are amazing and you feel like part of the family when you get there!! The red light therapy in the gym and upstairs area are so good!!! I am enjoying the gym time so much and i feel like i am training hard and recovering there at the same timeBrynn HallBrynn Hall ★★★★★ John has been a blessing to our family. His program and gym have been so beneficial to Keith. John is very service minded and strives to make your time as beneficial as possible. He is so knowledgeable and his team is amazing as well.Keith HallKeith Hall ★★★★★ I wish I could give a 100 star review. I have multiple cancers one being cancer in my spine which makes movement very difficult. I was at the end of my rope and made a random post about my struggles on Facebook. John reached out to me and asked me to come see if he could help me. I reluctantly went to his gym, and let me tell you that day changed my life. John started working with me to help get mobility. I have been working with him for 8 months and he has literally saved my life. He helps me to reactivate nerves to help with the pain. I haven’t had to use my walker in six months. I honestly believe John saved my life and I tell everyone to search him out as you won’t be disappointed. Him and his staff are amazing and they truly careYogesh SoodYogesh Sood ★★★★★ This gym is hidden gem! I joined this gym after many disappointing experiences with other gyms. I learned not only exercises to build strength but also learned how to take care of health, recovery, posture , avoid injuries and made great friends. The learning you get here is invaluable as it personally help me to build confidence to work with weights/machines and increasing endurance. Classes are small sized, super fun , awesome people and great atmosphere. John is brilliant trainer, coach and mentor. I would highly recommend to speak to John/visit impulse fitness if you are thinking about joining gym.Jeff ClaytonJeff Clayton ★★★★★ I can't recommend this gym enough for people. Whether you're looking to get back into shape or are rehabbing from an injury, John and Rae are the best at what they do. Having trained personally with both of them, they helped me regain confidence to get back to working out after tearing my rotator cuff and injuring my back. They train on how to lift and exercise safely, focusing on the long term goals and health of their clients. My form and core stability are the best they've ever been. This is what separates them from other gyms, where you are treated like a cheque book. John and Rae genuinely care about their clients and their care extends past your one hour session.Warren ChristieWarren Christie ★★★★★ I have to give a shout out to my amazing trainers John & Rae! Working with them has been incredible. I came in with the goal of losing weight and toning up. But, let me tell you, John & Rae have delivered on every front.Not only have I seen remarkable results in terms of shedding fat, but I can confidently say that I am in the best shape of my life entering into my 50s. Their personalized workout programs have pushed me beyond my limits and helped me achieve goals that I never thought were possible.But what truly sets John & Rae apart is their expert knowledge in injury rehab. I had been struggling with a nagging knee pain for years as well as my rotator cuff injury and low back pain I sustained from my car accident, and they helped with my healing process. It's incredible to have finally found someone who understands the intricacies of different injuries and how to incorporate exercises that promote recovery. I have medical coverage that covers massage, Physio, and chiro, and that didn't help me as much as John & Rae. They are definitely worth the investment!Brian MacdonaldBrian Macdonald ★★★★★ The results I have seen are unlike anything or anywhere I’ve experienced before. The energy and vibe in these classes are so much fun. The coaches are charismatic and full of enthusiasm which immediately sets the tone for a fun and engaging workout.But what sets these group classes apart is the knowledge behind these workouts. Unlike other gym classes where you mindlessly follow a routine, these classes incorporates exercises that are designed to improve everyday movements. I have tried other gym classes locally and I can honestly say that after a few weeks, I have noticed a significant improvement in my overall strength and mobility. It’s amazing to see how these functional movements translate into real-life activities outside the gym.Another aspect I enjoy is the community among the participants. We’re all in this together, supporting and encouraging one another.I really appreciate the fact that John & Rae program every workout they offer, they put themselves through their own workouts before they give them to us, so you know you’re getting a good workout in no matter what.John & Rae both do an exceptional job at explaining how to move as well as fixing form. That is a big one for me. They not only taught me how to move, but engage my core properly. Something I didn’t know how to do in the past and it has helped relieved my back pain!Be prepared for instant energy, a strong sense of accomplishment, and results that will make you wonder why you didn’t come here sooner. Trust me, you won’t regret it! Thank you John & Rae for everything!d bd b ★★★★★ Impulse Fitness has been a game-changer for my fitness journey. From the moment I walked through their doors, I knew I was in for something special. The personal trainers here are exceptionally skilled and genuinely care about their clients' success. What sets Impulse Fitness apart is the personalized attention and tailored programs. My trainer designed a plan that perfectly aligned with my goals and kept me motivated throughout my fitness journey. The support and encouragement I received were unmatched. If you're looking for a personal training gym that truly cares about your success, I can't recommend Impulse Fitness enoughJason S. LeeJason S. Lee ★★★★★ I found this gym through Facebook. John (the owner) is obviously knowledgeable but his ability to pinpoint the very specific issues (exercise technique, training, nutrition etc) that prevent progress and recovery is pure wisdom, which I've not witnessed among other trainers that I've met. He's direct, civil and will show you exactly what you need. It's a combination of knowledge, intuition and insight, patience, communication and systematic implementation within a very friendly welcoming environment. I've not experienced this much progress in all my past 24 years of using gyms all over the world.Nick and Tiffany WongNick and Tiffany Wong ★★★★★ I have been working with John (and Rae) for just over a year. I came in feeling rather defeated with ongoing pain and injuries and felt like I kept having to give up activities that I love because my body just couldnt keep up anymore (44F for reference). I feel so much stronger now and confident in what my body can still do. Beyond that, I am doing exercises I didn't think my body would ever let me do! John has built a welcoming and encouraging community at his gym. No matter what your goals are, John and Rae have the knowledge and expertise to get you their. Moreso, they genuinely care about their clients and celebrate every success with them. Thank you John and Rae!Michelle RavenMichelle Raven ★★★★★ John offers a unique combination of motivation and expertise to help you reach your fitness goals. He also knows how to deal with injuries in which he showed me how to deal with my shoulder and hamstring injury. Since training with John, I have been able to achieve a pull-up, middle splits, and not to mention, size on my rear plus all-around muscle tone. John has an amazing ability to customize workouts that are challenging yet achievable. You feel energized and motivated after every session, and the results are undeniable. I highly recommend John as a personal trainer!I also want to take this time to mention the culture of the gym as I believe being surrounded by support, encouragement, and positivity will help you stick to your goals even more. Everyone is there to better themselves and each other, and there is a strong sense of camaraderie among the members. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, you are welcomed and accepted just the same! I am happy that I found a gym community and culture that has not only improved my physical health but also my mental health and overall well-being. Overall, I highly recommend Impulse Fitness & Wellness to anyone looking to improve their health and fitness level while also connecting with like-minded individuals who share their passion for wellness.SamSam ★★★★★ I'm extremely pleased with my fitness journey at Impulse and it's because of the awesome trainers, people and wonderful gym vibe. John and Rae have immensely helped me to improve my form in every session. Every workout is well tailored to achieve maximum gain with great attention to forms and foundation. Great place and must try if you are looking to begin your wellness journey!!!kylie brysonkylie bryson ★★★★★ I highly recommend Impulse Fitness, the community the gym has built is incredible filled with respect, support and purely wanting only the best for all there clients. John the owner and Rae are by far some of the kindest people I've had the pleasure of knowing who will do anything for there clients. Your walking to the right gym by joining Impulse fitness.D GD G ★★★★★ Love this place! John and Rae are amazing trainers! Very knowledgeable, caring and effective. I’ve made so much progress since joining and am very satisfied!Monica GillMonica Gill ★★★★★ If I could rate this place more than just 5 stars I would. This gym is equipped with exactly what you need for a successful workout or stretching session. Impulse fitness offers options of group personal training classes or private classes which makes it very versatile for clients to truly chose what is best for them. John is extremely knowledgeable, kind and helpful. I have been going to the group personal training classes for roughly 7+ months and I have seen a tremendous amount of changes with my body compared to when I have attempted working out on my own or in other group classes. I used to barely be able successfully do a hike without taking tons and tons of breaks but because of John I’m able to have the endurance needed 🙂Randy DelmonicoRandy Delmonico ★★★★★ I started working with John at Impulse fitness after suffering from a broken neck that left me bed ridden. The injury caused me a great deal of pain throughout my body. Worst of all, it caused me to suffer from peripheral neuropathy that took away most of the feeling in my legs and feet. At one point I had very little strength and balance in my entire body to a point where I could not stand and put my shirt over my head without falling. At 67 years of age, my condition was so bad that specialists and the physiotherapist told me that there was nothing they could do for me.John and his trainer at Impulse fitness were able to figure out a solution that medical specialists could not. I am now at a point where I’ve regained much of the feelings in my lower body which allows me to walk and do almost everything like I had prior to my accident. The real bonus was fixing both my shoulders that had multiple tears, in which I was told that I needed shoulder surgery for both of my shoulders. My shoulders are no longer in pain and have full range of motion. I would highly recommend the fantastic work that John and his team provides at Impulse fitness, they have given me my life back and I cannot thank them enough.js_loader
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