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Group Training Classes

After running and participating in traditional group training and bootcamp classes since 2017, we saw that there’s so much missing in this typical approach.

You see, the typical group training and bootcamp puts you through basic workout circuits while paying very little attention to how YOUR body moves.

Although that may work for some people, most people don’t benefit from this approach.

If it was as easy as just signing up for a gym membership, doing a bunch of exercises and then going home,  we would all be in fantastic shape, right?

We decided to evolve into much more.

The truth is that details of how we move are what makes the difference!  Our group personal training classes goes above and beyond the typical group training in order to resemble the quality of private personal training at an affordable rate.

Our focus isn’t just to put you through the sweatiest workout possible, but to focus on real world functional strength training, improving mobility and joint health, all while helping you burn unwanted body fat and gaining strength and muscle.

Our group personal training will modify all exercises to your level no matter what shape you’re in. 

You may be thinking that group training is too intimidating, too tough or perhaps you’ve had a previous bad experience.

We don’t want people to buy a membership to a workout class, we want you to invest directly into learning what it takes to achieve results for your goals. We have special fitness training for senior citizens.

Learning the ropes in creating an environment for your body is key to achieving fat loss, muscle gain, strength, endurance and much more.

Our group personal training is designed to create a positive and uplifting  environment. A place where you can walk into your dimmest days and allow the positive energy to move towards a healthier future.

Personal Training

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, our personal training program can help take your efforts to the next level! We do this through combining old school holistic methods and the most up to date science to help provide you with sustainable long term results.

We start by assesing your movement patterns in order to identify any red flags in your posture, joint mobility and any movement dysfunction in order to provide you with the most detailed level of personal training. 

Our holistic approach to personal training will help you overcome any muscle and joint pain so you can train pain free.

We don’t just stop there, your individualized personal training program caters to educate and improve lifestyle and nutrition behaviors such as stress levels, gut health, neurotransmitter balance and more to aid and create longevity for your health and wellness.

The movement program

Whether you’re sitting too much at home, at the office, driving, repeatedly going through the same motions at work or just general inactivity. Odds are that your body has adapted to those motions and these repetitive movements leading to a host of problems and imbalances.

Program to mobilize and strengthen various parts of your body 

 Designed for people who:

  • Experiences nagging chronic pain
  • Have suffered injuries (new or old)
  • Experiencing movement related issues and overall stiffness
  • Notices a postural imbalance in their body
  • “Something just doesn’t feel right”
  • Or you simply just want to move better!
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