Group fitness has undoubtedly undergone a remarkable evolution throughout the years. Thanks to shifting industry trends, improved education and certifications, and a plethora of programming options, this movement, which initially gained popularity in the ’80s, continues to thrive and captivate enthusiasts to this day. Its enduring strength is a testament to its ability to adapt and inspire countless individuals on their path to a healthier lifestyle.

Group personal training has gained significant popularity, serving as a hybrid approach that effectively combines the benefits of one-on-one training and large group exercise.

While some perceive group personal training as a distinct entity from the broader group exercise class experience, the concept of bringing individuals together for the shared goal of fitness and enjoyment in a secure and dynamic environment has stood the test of time. As Billy Joel aptly put it, “Everybody’s talkin’ ’bout the new sound, funny but it’s still…” group fitness remains significant to me.

Get Fit And Healthy With Group Fitness Or Group Personal Training

Whether you’re leading a group of five, fifteen, or fifty individuals, regardless of whether you call them clients, participants, or members, what truly fuels a successful group fitness experience is the power of community and support. It’s about fostering an infectious energy and passion that ignites the room, inspiring unwavering loyalty and commitment like never before. Together, we create something extraordinary.

Although we have made significant progress from skin-tight leotards, headbands, and high-top tennis shoes the movement program of the past has played a crucial role in shaping the group personal training movement we see today.

While we may shift our focus to teaching kettle bells instead of high impact aerobics, it is the group dynamic that many industry professionals, who may not be traditional group fitness leaders, strive to replicate. Those of us with years of experience in both individual and group training appreciate how group personal training emphasizes the value of our expertise.

We are pleased to see that the industry acknowledges the importance of group training, regardless of its scale. Instead of dwelling on the distinctions between the two, we are eager to acknowledge the strengths of both approaches. With that in mind, what sets us apart, and how can we benefit from each other’s insights?

Learn Group Fitness

The Exceptional Abilities of Group Fitness Instructors


It is generally easier to turn a group fitness instructor into a successful small group personal trainer than the other way around. This is because teaching exercise science is simpler than teaching the personality traits typically associated with successful group leaders. While it’s not a requirement for a group fitness instructor to have a captivating personality, it is often expected. Having a strong and engaging personality tends to attract more participants to our classes.

Creating an Experience:

Trainers have the ability to train, and group fitness instructors have the skill to teach. However, what sets apart the exceptional ones is their ability to create a remarkable experience. When educating group fitness instructors on leading groups, we emphasize that participants won’t recall the specific moves taught or the exact reasons they enjoyed the class, but they will remember the overall experience.

From fostering a sense of belonging to generating energy and excitement throughout the session, and instilling a feeling of accomplishment upon departure, these are the elements that inspire participants to return. Group exercise instructors excel at creating a dynamic group experience that promotes camaraderie and social support.


We are capable of providing personalized one-on-one training, where we can make a significant impact on an individual’s progress within a single hour. Additionally, Our personal trainers in Coquitlam have skills in training small groups, allowing me to positively influence the fitness journeys of up to 10 people in just one hour.

Furthermore, we are experienced in leading group fitness classes, where we can make a difference for 30 or more individuals simultaneously. For those of us who find joy in inspiring and motivating a large number of people, this feeling is truly unparalleled.

Moreover, we thrive on the challenge of designing and delivering well-structured routines, flawlessly cueing each movement, and witnessing the participants move in synchrony, bringing our creation to life. This ability to effectively ‘cue and do’ simultaneously is a skill that requires time, practice, and patience to master.

Abilities of Group Fitness Instructors

The Areas Where Group Personal Trainers Thrive

Quality Control:

Undoubtedly, group personal training allows for more personalized instruction, enabling trainers to correct posture, alignment, and tailor exercises to meet the unique needs of each client in the group. While this doesn’t guarantee superior delivery, higher quality programming, or better leadership, a smaller group provides the potential for these benefits.

However, it’s important to recognize that the experience and expertise of the instructor or trainer greatly influence the effectiveness of any group-led environment. This can vary significantly across the group fitness and personal training industry.

Training and Education:

Credible certifications are now mandatory in the group fitness space, elevating Group Personal Training standards. However, there is a difference in education and training for group fitness instructors versus trainers. While many group fitness instructors are also certified personal trainers, it’s not the norm, and some may have limited training and education.

Instructors certified to teach one format under a branded program may have limited knowledge outside of that format. On the other hand, a group fitness instructor certification provides a broader base of knowledge.

Trainers are required to have their personal training certification, and with additional training, they can lead groups effectively. Adding to their knowledge base can widen their scope of practice and set them up for success.

Small group personal training allows for a more customizable experience, with personal trainers utilizing exercise science and goal-oriented instruction for each individual in the group.


We all want to pursue our passion, but at the end of the day, we need money to pay the bills. Let’s break it down:

  • Training one person can earn me around $80 or more per session.
  • Training 10 people at $20 per person per session can make me $200 in just one hour.
  • Teaching a group fitness class with 30 or more people can earn me around $20-25 per class, regardless of the size.

When it comes to making money, it’s clear that the numbers speak for themselves.

Group Personal Trainer

In Summary: Group Fitness vs. Group Personal Training

Today, the power of exercising in groups is undeniable. The fitness centers in Coquitlam have invested heavily in programming and education to create environments that brim with energy and motivation for clients, members, and participants.

From classic group fitness classes like step and total body conditioning, to dynamic activities such as indoor cycling, TRX, boot camps, and kettlebell training, the value of group instruction is recognized by all. It’s fair to say that both trainers and group fitness instructors have something unique to offer.

By embracing a culture of learning from one another, we can elevate the industry and become leaders in our field. Ultimately, leading groups effectively requires a blend of innate talent, solid certifications and education, hard work, and experience. Let’s take the lead and set new standards together!

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