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Impulse fitness combines the best techniques on the market with 24/7 support. Our Fitness approach is tailored to you and your needs, whether that means losing weight, getting toned, recovering from an injury or having better mobility. At Impulse Fitness in Port Coquitlam. we assess your body type and past injuries and make sure that our fitness program tackles the things that are holding you back. We want to enhance your gym experience by delivering the best training program on the market, for a rewarding fitness experience. Your membership includes access to our studios 24/7. You’ll also have access to the industry’s best personal trainers to help you reach your goals.

The Discovery

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& Reset

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Intention Based Workouts

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The Path

Before you think about taking any further action towards a new fitness journey, you must get your facts straight. The more clarity you have towards your goals and actions, the more precise plan we can develop, so that you don’t keep running into the same problems over and over again.

The discovery

If you continue to take the same approach, then you can expect to get the same outcome. If things don't change, then you can expect your journey to look something like this:

Workout → Get injured or too sore → Lose motivation → Cave into cravings → Fall completely off track → Gain more weight and be in worse shape every year.

Release & Reset

The majority of people walk around with poor alignment and muscle imbalances. You often notice that certain parts of your body are always a little too sore after a workout or just a regular day in general. When we workout with muscle imbalances, our body will overcompensate and use other muscles or joints to make up for the lack of mobility.

Intention based workouts

The lack of detail in your training will result in you trying to perform a movement with no real purpose other than copying the exercise and attempting to move a weight from Point A to Point B. If you continue to workout without utilizing proper movement patterns and knowing how to create tension inside the muscle, then you're going to spend the same amount of time and effort while seeing significantly less results and increasing your chances of injury.

Intuitive Nutrition

We take an approach to utilize nutrition to restore and create an efficient ecosystem so that your body can digest and metabolise food more effectively. This will allow your body to use healthy fats to create a fat adapted environment to enhance your energy levels and improve cognitive function. All while using your own body fat! When you have energy, then you have the ability to go to the gym, be happier, and do the things you need in order to hit your goals!

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Featured Programs

Here at Impulse Fitness, we don’t just slap a bunch of exercises together, count 3 sets of 12 and hope for the best. We take an in-depth analysis of your training history, injuries, individual posture, movement mechanics, and nutritional needs, along with your lifestyle factors. Our holistic approach is designed to allow the body to perform at its most optimal state. This increases the efficiency at which your body is able to burn fat and gain muscle and strength. This will allow you to train towards your fitness goal safely, pain free, and much more effectively for long term sustainable results.


Personal Training

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, our personal training program can help take your efforts to the next level! We do this through combining old school holistic methods and the most up to date science to help provide you with sustainable long term results.

We start by assessing your movement patterns in order to identify any red flags in your posture, joint mobility and any movement dysfunction in order to provide you with the most detailed level of help.

Group Training Classes

Our group personal training goes above and beyond the typical group training in order to resemble the quality of private personal training at an affordable rate.

Our focus isn’t just to put you through the sweatiest workout possible, but to focus on real world functional strength training, improving mobility and joint health, all while helping you burn unwanted body fat and gaining strength and muscle. Our group personal training will modify all exercises to your level no matter what shape you’re in.

The Movement Program

Whether you’re sitting too much at home, at the office, driving, repeatedly going through the same motions at work or just general inactivity. Odds are that your body has adapted to those motions and repetitive movements leading to a host of problems and imbalances.

These constant repetitive movements or inactivity causes your body to become asymmetrical, leading to one side of the body being tighter than the other. Which disrupts the harmony of your muscles and joints which overall lead to tightness and aches and pains in the neck, shoulders, lower back, legs and other areas.

Strength Training

At Impulse Fitness and Wellness, strength training is not merely about lifting weights. It is a meticulously designed regimen that targets your unique fitness levels and goals. Our expert fitness instructors employ cutting-edge techniques to build your strength progressively while prioritizing safety and correct form. We believe in offering a balanced approach, combining strength training with mobility exercises to ensure optimum physical performance. The result is a stronger, leaner, and more powerful you, ready to tackle the challenges of everyday life with renewed energy and confidence.

Fitness For Seniors

At Impulse Fitness and Wellness, we understand that maintaining strength and mobility becomes increasingly crucial as we age. That’s why we offer tailored fitness programs for seniors designed to improve balance, coordination, and overall strength.

Our compassionate fitness trainers guide you through gentle yet effective exercises, prioritizing safety and adaptability. We believe that age is just a number, and it’s never too late to invest in your health. Through our senior fitness regimen, you can look forward to improved physical function, enhanced well-being, and a renewed zest for life.

Gym In Port Coquitlam


Real People, Real Results

John is a great guy and an amazing trainer. He keeps me on track and pushes me hard. Impulse Fitness is a great facility and offers the best environment for working out. Whatever your goals might be, John will get you there. – Jeff

Real People, Real Results

If I could rate this place more than just 5 stars I would. This gym is equipped with exactly what you need for a successful workout or stretching session. John is extremely knowledgeable, kind and helpful. I have been going to the group personal training classes for roughly 7+ months and I have seen a tremendous amount of changes with my body compared to when I have attempted working out on my own or in other group classes. 

– Sheila

Real People, Real Results

“I looked in the mirror one day and decided enough was enough. I have been working with John for a couple years now. He has helped me lose the weight and keep it off, He has fixed my injuries in order to keep my workout consistent. It has definitely changed my life.”
– Emry

Real People, Real Results

“I looked in the mirror one day and decided enough was enough. I have been working with John for a couple years now. He has helped me lose the weight and keep it off, He has fixed my injuries in order to keep my workout consistent. It has definitely changed my life.”
– Emry

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